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Tiera Skovbye
Hi everyone ! This is the official tumblr about Tiera which takes time to grow. I do my best to make it attractive and to have a lot of unknown pictures of our lovely Tiera. Hope you're gonna like it. Signed: a french guy called Jimmy who loves Tiera.

First Love

Jess Robertson shares; Everyone remembers their first love! The joy, the heartbreak, the all night phone conversations, the fun memories. But, most of all, it symbolizes that time in your life where you seem to live with this reckless abandon. It’s an amazing time. A beautiful time. A transformative time. My brother (Matt) and his “first love” (Tiera) recently spent the weekend with us. They are SO adorable together that we had to do a little mini session with them to capture this time in their lives. After a little snowball fight, Matt went to dip Tiera. I asked them to hold the pose so that I could get the shot. After a while, he couldn’t hold her in that position any longer and they both fell on the ground, laughing hysterically. Then, she grabbed him and kissed him and this was our last shot of the day…and my favorite shot. Photo Tip: When doing a photo shoot with a couple, try asking them to do silly things rather than posing them. You will get the most genuine shots this way! One of my favorite things to do is to ask the girl to jump on the guy’s back. This isn’t too out of the ordinary, right? Then, ask the guy to jump on the girl’s back! Be ready to capture some seriously fun reactions !

On the picture, there are Tiera and her boyfriend Matthew Angel.
You can see all the photos here and here.
Tiera and her lover, Matthew Angel.
"Happy Valentine’s day" from Tiera.